Who are we? 

We first met when working at a national chain of automotive accessory (and bicycle) stores in Bognor Regis, in West Sussex.
With a shared sense of humour - slightly surreal, and a little bit dark, a friendship was born.
After both leaving for pastures new in around 2006/2007, it was the occasional text message that kept the contact going, and when we met up again to go to Bangers and Cash Live in August 2023, it had been ten years since we had been in the same room together!

Since sharing the same staff room at the motoring superstore, Andy has gone on to carve a career selling and marketing VW, Porsche and Land Rover parts, and has been with the same company for 16 years.
Jon has similarly spent time marketing within the automotive industry, working for a car cleaning wholesaler, before leaving and setting up his own garden maintenance business. 

Andy lives on the South Coast, with his wife and 2 daughters (the youngest voices the intro!) 
Jon has found himself in South London, and with his wife also has 2 daughters. 
With 60 something miles between us, Zoom has become the default medium for recording the podcast. 

Fortunately between us, we've had a few older, more interesting vehicles, which helps to bring additional enlightenment to the conversations we have in each episode.

Jon has been involved with a Mk2 VW Polo Breadvan, and a string of BMW 5 Series. Living in London, he's currently having to abide by ULEZ restrictions and is forced to pilot a modern, Citroen people carrier for family duties and a Renault Kango for work. 

Andy's driving history is mostly VW shaped, starting with Mk1 and Mk2 VW Polos, graduating to Mk1 Golf, Mk2 Jetta and Mk3 Golf GTI before settling, for now at least with his Porsche 944. Family duties are taken care of with an Audi A4 Avant.