My Dad's Car Live!

Since starting the Podcast it has been our intention to get out and meet people, attend events, listen to stories and spread the word. 
With a year under our belts, and the proceeds from a few coffees starting to make this possible from a technical perspective, this page is here as an invitation for show organisers to reach out and consider us for part of their entertainment package.

Happy sitting on a stage as part of a panel, or conducting live interviews with special guests or show goers, we could bring a fantastic, interactive element to your event. Quick witted, well versed in family friendly language and with a wealth of motoring experiences to draw upon. We'd love to be part of the show you put on! 

Equally, we'd be keen to run afternoons or evenings at pubs, bringing our podcast to your people, and offering a platform for fellow car enthusiasts to share their stories. 
Drop us an email, or DM on social media and lets come up a plan together.