Charles Clegg from Custodian: A Bristol catching fire, Ferrari with a 'back seat' and Range Rovers. S3E6
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Charles Clegg from Custodian: A Bristol catching fire, Ferrari with a 'back seat' and Range Rovers. S3E6

Andy and Jon are joined by Charles Clegg, Co-Founder and CEO of Custodian, a car management app, designed for car collectors and enthusiasts.
The story begins for Charles with a pair of Bristols... (oooh eer misses). One that he miraculously identified from his pushchair, the second belonging to his Mother, which after 20 years of ownership, met a fiery end parked in Knightsbridge, causing shop evacuations and road closures.
Later on discussion turns to a Ferrari, in grey, bought new by Charles father, and he would travel on a small shelf behind the front seats!
As he grew, he was afforded the luxury of Range Rovers, with arm rests both in the centre and the side of the rear bench. Clearly paving the way for what Charles comically calls a 'masochistic' relationship with the classic 4x4.

Naturally, there is also lots of talk around the benefits of the Custodian platform, what it can do, and excitingly we manage to discover what is in store too...
Please do check it out (we're not being paid for this.. we think it is cool)

In their words…
"Loving your car is easy. Owning it isn’t.
Meet Custodian, the free platform that simplifies car ownership. Create a digital garage, protect your car's history, schedule tasks, browse a specialist car marketplace, and manage your insurance - all in one convenient place.” 

Hopefully this is once more an episode you enjoy, and wish to share with friends, maybe even leave a review for. 
Thanks for listening. 
Jon and Andy 

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